Because It’s Raining And I’m Really Tired


Because It’s Raining and I’m Tired


I awoke to a blanket of grey and the quiet rhythm of rain on the windowsill. Mischa was snuggled up by my stomach sleeping contentedly. This is my favorite kind of morning; my favorite kind of day. (We all know how I feel about sunshine, after all.)

But instead of happily stretching, waking my body up and bouncing out of bed my body screamed at me. Today I feel old. It is achy and cranky. It is stiff and sore. And why? Because I’m sleep deprived.

We’ve all been there, wide awake as the clock rolls from 3:59 to 4:00 am…and not because we’ve been drinking with friends and the party’s still going. Nope. Although I confess the physical sensation is about the same. Sleep deprivation causes the body to feel hung over but without the embarrassing-but-funny-at-your-own-expense stories from a night of overdoing it out on the town.

Head in a painful but fuzzy vice? Check. That hollow sensation where your stomach should be? Check. A body that feels like it picked a fight with a freight train and lost? You know it.

So if, for whatever reason, you’re having a Monday too (poor Monday – what did it ever do to deserve the hostility we dole out?) then grab yourself a cup of coffee the size of a goldfish bowl and join me in sending this note to today…



Because It’s Raining and I’m Really Tired



And with that, it’s now time to mainline some of that aforementioned coffee. Here’s to Tuesday, boys and girls. May it involve bright eyes and bushy tails courtesy of a good night’s sleep tonight. Cheers.


Kisses & Chaos,
Alli Woods Frederick


PS – As I was preparing to post this moments ago Mischa had a seizure…and it was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen. I have more fluids leaking out of my face than is humanly possible. The vet has advised keeping an eye on him for now. This could be a one-off or it could be related to his strokes or even his renal problems. Getting old is a bitch and I am over it. Mother Nature is seriously f’ing up our plans to be 80 years old together. You all know how much he means to me…he is my world. Please send him positive, healing thoughts, prayers, good vibes or whatever good juju you believe in. He needs it. Thank you all.

Oh, and Monday? You can now officially go to hell.




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