f jealousy and envy were in a “who wore it best” showdown there would be no winner.  They’re straight up fugly on everyone.  Fuuuuuuugly.  No exceptions.  They aren’t a good look.  Period.  I can hear you now: … Continue reading

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        RECENTLY I was given a book. I admittedly tend to literally judge books by their covers, and the cover of Soul Sessions: A Story of Love and Awakening, with its dark and subtle artwork, is one … Continue reading

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    ONCE again the time has come to turn out thoughts to gifts, more specifically, the giving of gifts.  As the black but loveable sheep in the family I know first hand (from all the hair-tearing-out that occurs among … Continue reading

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    THE GREATEST JOY, the greatest magic in life comes the day you realize you are free to love however you like, in whatever way makes your heart light and full…in a way that makes your spirit free. IT … Continue reading

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    I SUCK AT NAPPING.  Fact.  Over the years I’ve discovered that I don’t do well with it.  If I dare to doze then I’m usually down for the count.  I close my eyes after lunch and don’t get … Continue reading

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