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    THE GREATEST JOY, the greatest magic in life comes the day you realize you are free to love however you like, in whatever way makes your heart light and full…in a way that makes your spirit free. IT … Continue reading

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    AS I DROVE THROUGH THE MOUNTAINS yesterday with the perfect blue sky that only autumn can bring and the sun that kissed the tops of the trees as my travel companions something caught my eye. SPRINKLED AMID THE … Continue reading

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    EVERY SINGLE artist, no matter what their medium, suffers from occasional creative constipation.  It sucks.  Our mojo gets clogged.  Our creative cogs get gummed up and stop turning.  There’s no getting around it. RATHER THAN WAITING, hoping the … Continue reading

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    LOVE IS ENOUGH.  This is what many of us believe.  That as long as there’s love a relationship can survive anything.  I wish this were true with all my heart.  If all that was needed for a relationship … Continue reading

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    I’M STRUGGLING, wading through the waves of emotional hell that flood me – a tsunami of heartbreak. THE WOUNDS are still fresh but that doesn’t stop people from asking if I’m ready to move on.  It hasn’t even … Continue reading

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