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    A BASIC FACT ABOUT DOUBT AND FAILURE     So stop doubting and stop being afraid of failure.  Failures are how we learn.  Failures are how we become better.  Failures can lead to our greatest work.  Doubt creates … Continue reading

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      LONG, long ago on a social network that’s never far enough away (you know we all hate to love it and love to hate it) I discovered headdress heaven.  If a neo-tribal pagan wood nymph got frisky … Continue reading

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    EVERY SINGLE artist, no matter what their medium, suffers from occasional creative constipation.  It sucks.  Our mojo gets clogged.  Our creative cogs get gummed up and stop turning.  There’s no getting around it. RATHER THAN WAITING, hoping the … Continue reading

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I have been working like a woman possessed this past week.  Seriously.  Have you seen all the new fine art prints and canvases I’ve put up in the shop?  It’s mad!  Mad I say!  Like I said…I’ve been going work … Continue reading

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So I have decided to make a change.  I have decided that offering pre-printed Pocket Sized Positivity Cards is too limiting.  It limits how quickly you can use them.  It limits how you use them.  It limits how you share … Continue reading

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