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        Yesterday marked the twelfth anniversary of my beloved Bob Hope’s death, which is a day of mourning and celebration in my home.  No joke.  When I was a massage therapist I didn’t book clients on July … Continue reading

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    UNLESS you live in some alternate reality or parallel universe where Hallmark hasn’t taken over the world with the stealth of a rhyming ninja then you know that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.  A day that has come to … Continue reading

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    VALENTINE’S Day is upon us…or as I like to call it, VD.  A crude pun, but a crude pun that makes me giggle.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love love and actually enjoy Valentine’s Day (assuming, of course, … Continue reading

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    AS my ex-husband and I stared at each other eye to eye for the first time in over a year and a half across the desk at the gallery yesterday, I was suddenly struck by how truly odd … Continue reading

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    A COUPLE of weeks ago I told you about Mischa’s change in health.  For those of you who missed the announcement, my beloved little furbaby was acting out of sorts and had lost weight so we went to … Continue reading

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