ollywood.  The land of big dreams, big personalities and big fat historical mistakes that are so deeply ingrained in the incestuous industry that is film-making that no one bats an eye at these ridiculous errors.  Personally?  They drive … Continue reading

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    WELCOME to By The Numbers, the newest addition to the Useless Trivia family specifically for those of you who love numbers and statistics.  You may find some of these trivia tidbits useful…though I highly doubt it.    THINK … Continue reading

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IF I WERE A SUPERHERO my power would be to quickly alienate people with the worst icebreaker ever – weird and unwanted trivia.  I can’t help it.  Its pull is irresistible, this acquisition of useless trivia. IN ALL HONESTY I … Continue reading

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   Trepa-what?   Trepanning.  It’s an extremely ancient practice where a hole is drilled and a portion of the skull is removed for relief from a variety of ailments.  Yeah.  You heard me.  They drill a hole in your head. … Continue reading

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