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    I SUCK AT NAPPING.  Fact.  Over the years I’ve discovered that I don’t do well with it.  If I dare to doze then I’m usually down for the count.  I close my eyes after lunch and don’t get … Continue reading

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  What the hell is golden milk? Well…it’s an ancient ayurvedic treatment made of turmeric & honey with health benefits out the yin yang…and it’s insanely delicious.  At least I think so.  My honey took a tiny tiny tiny sip … Continue reading

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    WHAT YOU REALLY NEED TO KNOW ABOUT OCD BECAUSE WHAT YOU THINK YOU KNOW MAY BE BULLSHIT.   Strong words, I know, but more often than not it’s true.  Sure, the TV show Monk made OCD look cute, … Continue reading

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Why in the world are diets and douches part of Mystery Monday?  Simple.  It’s a mystery women have survived with their organs and minds safely intact after insanity such as this.  Insanity?  Yes.  Think I’m exaggerating?  Just take a look … Continue reading

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   Trepa-what?   Trepanning.  It’s an extremely ancient practice where a hole is drilled and a portion of the skull is removed for relief from a variety of ailments.  Yeah.  You heard me.  They drill a hole in your head. … Continue reading

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